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June 2022
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 Planning ahead for 2022-23?

Get involved in the Enigma Maths Hub Work Groups!

For example:

  • Do you have any ECTs in your school?
  • Would your support staff find it useful to find out more about maths learning and teaching?
  • Do you have any non-specialist colleagues who would like to update their subject knowledge?
  • Are you thinking about your curriculum?  Are you ready for OFSTED?   
  • What are the priorities for development in maths learning and teaching at your school in 2022-23?

Whatever your school’s needs there is likely to be a work group that you and your school can benefit from attending!



We reflect on the difference our Work Groups are making throughout the year and currently all Enigma Work Group leads are gathering a wide range of reflections from a range of different sources about the impact of participation in the many Work Groups.   As this is taking place it is amazing to be hearing about the differences that participating in the work groups has made across the year to participants involved and also (more importantly) to the learning of our pupils.

We thought you might like to hear about some (yes – there are many more!) of the highlights – so far!

“I wasn’t expecting my bottom set year 8 to understand expanding brackets.  I was delighted when they really got it using algebra tiles and quickly moved to written methods.”
– Secondary Teacher and Teaching for Mastery Advocate


“We had a mock OFSTED Deep Dive and the work that I had done with my department on S plans and the curriculum sequences really paid off.  Everyone was confident in explaining Why this? and Why now? about what they were teaching and why they were teaching it.”
– Head of Department and Teaching for Mastery Advocate


“Where the teaching for mastery is embedded in the scheme of work in Year 7 and 8, progress and results are significantly improved. Quality of student and teacher explanations has also improved as well as resources that we use.”
– Key Stage 3 Leader and Teaching for Mastery Advocate 

“Now I feel that I am using the White Rose Maths resources properly.  Having time to look at the principles and practices of teaching for mastery has helped me see beyond the PowerPoint.  I can confidently adapt the resources to build my students understanding and confidence.”
– Teacher of Maths and Teaching for Mastery Advocate


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Many of you might well have become addicted to your daily Wordle – did you know there is an equivalent for maths:
Daily number fun for students, teachers and family.

To develop understanding you could always look at the Enigma website for help on operating on number here.


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