Securing Foundations at Year 7

This project aims to provide professional development and resources for secondary maths teachers, so they are better equipped with KS1 and KS2 maths curriculum domain-specific knowledge. It will give them the necessary expertise to support students with gaps in understanding content from previous Key Stages.

Participants in this project will gain access to high-quality resources designed by experts in the pedagogy and expectations of maths at both KS2 and KS3.

Securing Foundations at Year 7

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Programme 2024-25

Professional development to enable you to introduce teaching for mastery across your maths department

Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (‘Mastery Advocates’) to join a work group. Mastery advocates them form part of a locally-based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise, and receive bespoke support.


SKTM for Secondary Early Career Teachers

Develop mathematical subject knowledge and pedagogy

Two maths-specific subject knowledge projects are available to support secondary early career teachers (ECTs) – one is for ECTs who have not yet participated in this project and one is for those who participated in 2022/23. Both projects offer high-quality subject knowledge and pedagogy maths support for ECTs, recognising the requirements of the ECF.


Secondary Subject Leaders Community

A CPD community designed specifically for secondary heads of maths

The project provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of teaching approaches, of their wider roles and of their capacity with their colleagues to transform secondary maths learning.

They will work collaboratively with other subject leaders, discuss developments and engage with research and use this experience to inform their work in leading and developing maths education in school.


SKTM Secondary Teaching Assistants

Develop mathematical subject knowledge and pedagogy

This programme is designed to improve the subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge of all TAs supporting the learning of secondary maths.

Participants will focus on using precise mathematical language representations and reasoning within the topics: addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; ratio; and fractions.


SKTM for Secondary Non-Specialist Teachers

Highly-regarded professional development offering secondary non-specialist maths teachers valuable CPD focusing on subject knowledge and pedagogy

There are significant numbers of people teaching maths in secondary schools without the specialist initial teacher training. This programme supports non-specialist teachers in developing the specialist knowledge (the blend of subject and pedagogical knowledge) for teaching maths.


Secondary MAT Maths Leaders Community

A CPD community designed to support those leading maths across multiple schools

Now in its third year, this project supports those who lead maths across multiple schools within a MAT. Participants will deepen their understanding of effective pedagogical approaches, of their wider leadership roles and of their capacity with their colleagues to transform secondary maths teaching and learning. 


Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers

A professional learning community for ITT providers and Maths Hub Leadership

This project aims to form an established group of ITT representatives across the sector who are committed to developing communities of practice in order to review and evolve their provision.

Activity may include working across hub boundaries and collaborating in larger regions.


Year 5-8 Continuity Work Group

Strengthen the transition from primary to secondary.

Work groups in this project focus on curriculum and pedagogical continuity over Years 5 to 8. Participants will collaborate with colleagues from across KS2 and KS3, working on mathematical tasks together and reflecting on the resulting activity and learning.


Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme

Mastery Specialists are classroom-based practitioners who develop expertise in mastery and in leading maths-specific professional development

The programme enables secondary maths teachers to become experts in teaching for mastery, so they in turn can develop maths departments that are well-led, high performing and provide high quality professional development through collaborative working.