Secondary Curriculum Development

Secondary Mastery PD Material

These materials offer a ‘fine-grained’ description of the key themes and big ideas of the national curriculum by detailing: – six broad mathematical themes a number of core concepts within each theme – a set of ‘knowledge, skills and understanding’ statements within each core concept – a collection of focused key ideas within each statement of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Using mathematical representations at KS3

Although manipulatives and representations are commonly used in primary mathematics or have been historically considered the reserve of lower prior attainers, they can be equally valuable for revealing mathematical structures at secondary level for all students. We have produced guidance for some of the most useful representations for Key Stage 3 mathematics. Each guidance document details: – what they are – why they are important – how they might be used.


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CPD for Mathematics Teachers – This collection of short 10 minute video’s is designed to support teachers at all stages of their career. Contributions to this project include: Jenni Ingram, John Mason, Anne Watson, Dave Hewitt, Tom Fancome, Dietmar Küchemann, Colin Foster, Tim Rowland, Julian Brown, Anne Haworth and Mike Ollerton