Developing Maths Learning and Teaching in Primary Schools

DfE Curriculum Guidance – 2020 Dedicated Enigma Maths Hub page looking more widely at the document and the implications including: Use of the document in school Further supplementary materials
Early Years Micro Section – A collection of materials, recources and links relating to Early Years

Stem sentence banks.

Collated by Enigma from the NCETM PD spines.  Help to expose the structures in the small steps in learning. 


Enigma stem sentence bank linked to the NCETM PD materials. Number, Addition and Subtraction
Enigma Stem sentence bank linked to the NCETM PD materials for Multiplication and Division
Enigma Stem Sentence bank linked to the NCETM PD Materials – Fractions
Thinking of using maths textbooks? – Have a look at this NCETM textbook guidance first.
Education Endowment Fund – Links here to some key Maths documents Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3
Primary Assessment Materials – NCETM – Useful for developing depth in learning
Why is telling the time so difficult? Watch this short clip!
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Interesting research paper from Daniel Willingham

Mixed Age classes? – Some useful links below

Making connections – Maths From Story Books

Using story books as a stimulus for maths learning

Story books are a rich source for maths learning – sometimes in  unlikely places!

Maths Through Stories is one site which can point you in the direction of some quality links for maths learning. 

There are numerous other maths and story book sites which can suggest great starting points. 

Enjoy the rich connections and exploit those mathematics opportunities from deep in the books. 

Website: Maths Through Stories:

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    Maths Through Stories
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