• Fluency demands more of students than memorisation of a single procedure or collection of facts. It encompasses a mixture of efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.
  • Quick and efficient recall of facts and procedures is important in order for students to keep track of sub-problems, think strategically and solve problems.
  • Fluency also demands the flexibility to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics, to recognise relationships and make connections, and to make appropriate choices from a whole toolkit of methods, strategies and approaches.
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Teaching Fluency Facts

Zoe Hall one of our Enigma Mastery specialists recorded a ten-minute session about the importance of teaching number facts.

Zoe is the Trust Maths Lead at Northampton Primary Academy Trust.

Bank of support

Factual fluency progression from DfE Guidance for KS1 and 2

Interesting articles and further reading

Susan Russell – Computational Fluency – Efficiency, Accuracy, Flexibility