Developing A-Level Pedagogy

Develop improved teaching approaches for A Level Mathematics

This project explores and deepens participants’ pedagogic content knowledge, empowering teachers to enhance their classroom practice and to influence department-wide A level teaching. It is an engine for imporving student understanding of A Level maths and driving their subsequent success.

This project involves a direct working partnership between the Maths Hub Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).


New to Teaching Core Maths

Support for teachers new to teaching this qualification

This programme supports teachers, who are within their first two years of teaching Core Maths, in developing specialist knowledge for teaching Core Maths and increases their confidence in teaching the Core Maths course. The programme forms part of the overall Advanced Mathematics Support programme (AMSP) and Maths Hubs Core Maths professional development offer. After successfully completing this Work Group in full, teachers can move on to apply for the Developing Core Maths Pedagogy Work Group.

The principle focus is on Core Maths subject knowledge and pedagogy, and the programme will be based on six key themes: using contextualised problem-solving; applying Fermi estimation and modelling; developing critical analysis; making sense of finance; using the pre-release materials; exploring statistics.


Developing Core Maths Pedagogy

Develop improved teaching approaches for Core Mathematics

These work groups give teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support the open-ended problem-solving skills Core Maths students need to develop and to share these with departmental colleagues.

This project involves a direct working partnership between Maths Hub Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).


Cross Phase – Supporting Low Attainers

Cross Phase-Supporting Low Attainers to Achieve a L2 Qualification in Mathematics

This is for teachers whose students will study up to level 2 maths across secondary and post-16. Teachers of years 10 and 11, and of GCSE Maths reset and/or Functional Skills maths, will develop ways to support students who need to study maths beyond age 16 to achieve a L2 qualification.


Post-16 GCSE/FSQ Mastery Specialist Programme

Become a mastery specialist in further education

Practioners of post-16 GCSE Mathematics resit and/or Functional Skills Maths can become Mastery Specialists, initially developing their own teaching for mastery approaches, then supporting others to do the same.

The programme has an initial training year, followed by a second year and beyond in which specialists support others. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills to develop highly effective approaches to the teaching of GCSE maths resit and Functional Skills maths, using the principles of teaching for mastery.